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Air and water are our elements and the Naviator was design from the ground up to operate in these environments.

The Naviator done can operate in the harshest environments from snow, to rain, to sand blasting environments.
The Naviator drone is the only one that can do the combined job of two drones (one for air and one for vehicle) reducing cost, time, while improving safety and adding capabilities not previously possible.
It has been design to be neutrally buoyant for excellent power efficient, range and endurance. With maneuverability rivaling ROV’s, and speeds competing with Remus gliders, the Naviator can be used for inspection and station keeping while carrying an array of sensors.

Hiring services from two companies, one for air operation, and another for underwater inspection is a thing of the past.



We offer aerial / underwater services for the Government,
providing solutions for the air and naval intelligence at the same time, reducing costs and risks.
We work with the US Department of the Navy, and the Office Naval Office of Research,
who has funded the Naviator R&D programs.
Our drones provide an air and naval intelligence to ensure the safety of and superiority of the fleet.
Our drones can be used for locating assets underwater,
search and rescue missing, fleet inspection and port inspection safety among other applications.


The Naviator allows recreational users to go to new places while providing aerial/underwater support.
The Naviator, while highly sophisticated, it is intuitive and easy to assemble, ready to be launch for air and water usage.
Your imagination is the limit. Explore the future.


SubUas LLC has a long list of applications where our Naviator drone and our team of pilots and specialized engineers will offer you the necessary services.
Below, we develop some of them so that you understand their potential.


In addition to military services to the government, we are developing a set of more commercial applications to private companies in many areas and worldwide.


We provide the latest drone inspection technologies for asset inspection and anomaly detection to the oil and gas and petrochemical industries by air and water.


We carry out inspections with bridge drones and structures using the Naviator.

The system is extremely stable in strong winds and marine currents, ensuring that the drone can operate safely and efficiently in both natural environments.

Offshore wind turbine

A drone inspection is a cost-effective and efficient inspection method compared to traditional telephotography or other manual inspection methods. In addition to imaging otherwise inaccessible zones, it reduces downtime of the turbines and increases safety. With a drone inspection solution, you can achieve both visual and thermal images on wind turbines for on-site analysis and assessment regarding the condition of the rotor blades.


The Naviator presents new techniques to measure the features of a shallow-water coral reef and mapping fisheries mapping.


Provides seaport inspection by air and underwater without affecting port operations.


Imagine the possibilities of rescue, mapping the disaster and knowing exactly the magnitude of the problem in a short time and at a low cost.