The earliest unmanned aerial vehicle in the history of drones was seen in 1839 and there have been multiple attempts through-out history to build such a air/water vehicle:

1937 Soviet Union, Ushakov’s Flying Submarine
1961 USA: Reid Flying Submarine 1 (RFS-1)
2008 DARPA program on Submersible Aircraft
2010 Present Bio-inspired UAS attempts at various universities
2015/16 STTR ONR Hybrid air/water unmanned vehicles


Flying Submarines in Fiction:
Jules Verne, Master of the World (1904)
Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea (TV series-1960s)
G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero, Shark Attack Submarine (1980)
Steven Spielberg, A.I. Artificial Intelligence («Amphibicopter» in 2001)
Disney-Pixar, The Incredibles (2004)


We have seen unmanned vehicles capable of flight and swim. But we have not seen an unmanned vehicle that can do both.

A single UAV platform, which can seamlessly deploy in both environments : air and water.
Must be :
Able to easily go from air borne to underwater operations, and back again
Robust enough for repeated transitions.
Able to work in a variety of weather conditions and in a variety of underwater currents.


How it works


The same propulsion system needs to operate and be efficient in air, during transition and underwater. Our patent approved multi-medium propulsion system solves this problem.


Buoyancy engines are not useful during transition and only for raising to the surface. Instead we developed a multi-plane propulsion system. Using this strategy, propulsive capabilities are ensured throughout the process for a seamless transition.

Propulsive System

Our team of engineers has designed from the ground up a propulsive system that integrates propellers, motor, vehicle operation envelop and power system.


Several models are available from the smallest and  mid-size size for swarming and collaborative hybrid mission each capable of carrying 2-3lb payload to the largest scales capable of carrying upto 40lb payload.

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