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Meet the Naviator
Meet the naviator The concept of a drone that can fly just as easily as it can swim has many different commercial applications. The need of a drone to be able to operate in inclement weather is an issue in first response incidents of all types, because response professionals can’t wait for conditions to improve before sending out a drone.…
Before You Go
Before You Go When you think about a drone, you probably picture an odd looking object hovering, buzzing and zipping around through the air. You may even picture a time in the not-so-distant future where drones are dropping off that package you ordered from Amazon right on your front doorstep. Today, anyone can go to their local retail store and…
Researchers Create ‘Naviator’ Drone That Can Both Fly and Swim
Researchers Create 'Naviator' Drone That Can Both Fly and Swim Researchers at Rutgers University have developed the 'Naviator' drone, an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) that can fly through the air like a standard drone, then land on water, submerge itself, and travel under the surface like a mini submersible. Better yet, it can even re-surface and take to the skies again with…